The appreciation of beauty has no limit. It can take one on a lifetime journey of exploration and admiration. The beauty is attractive, but when mystery joins the beautiful, it’s hard to resist.

For us Collecting is not an obsession to possess, it is a way of exploring the Magnificent. The more we see, touch and feel these amazing masterpieces the more we realize the Divine’s Glory, manifested in the works of artists and artisans. Creation is a divine state, and the exceptionality of masters’ works, expands our imagination of The Magnificent & Creator.

We believe many philosophical questions of the past and missing puzzles of the human development can be found in the study of Art and Beauty. The history of mankind is simultaneous to the history of Art.

We are explorers in our path, and if we are lucky to get the opportunity to come across magnificent works of Arts, we believe that they chose to be with us. We do not know if we collect them or they collect us. But what we know is that; one fine day when we are gone, they will continue to live. This is the beauty of art. It has the tendency to become immortal, and on their journey, they collect more provenances to enhance their stories and value.

Every piece has a story to tell. A manifold mystery concealed in the layers of History. The true value of art is hidden in the story it tells. But to know the story, you must learn the script of which it was written. Beauty is revealing to the eyes of the beholder only if they share the same language.


Mystery, Beauty, and Divine is the focus of our Collection. From Islamic art to Christian icons and Jewish artifacts; we look for these values in our search for Antiques & Collectables. Although age has significant importance in the value of antiques, concept, art value, and originality are the main principals of our job. We are collecting Art, Antiques, and Collectables for three generations and helping others to collect. We are dealing in Islamic Art, Manuscripts, Antique Gold & Jewelry, Christian Icons & Artifacts, Jewish and Other Religious Artifacts, Amulets, Talismans, and Decorative Items, as well as Modern & Contemporary Art.


A silver hemidrachm of Darev II of Persis, c. 100-1 BCE.

A silver hemidrachm of Ardashir II of Persis, c. 50-1 BCE.

A silver drachm of the Sasanian Shapur II, 309-379 CE.

A silver drachm of the Sasanian Khushrou I, 550 CE.

A silver drachm of Khushrou II, 591-628 CE.

A bronze fals of Bukhara, 766 CE.

A silver drachm from Bukhara, 775-785 CE.

A silver drachm of the Palas of Bengal, after 853 CE.

A silver drachm of the Saindhavas of Saurashtra, 800-950 CE.

A bronze drachm of the Vaghelas of Gujarat, 1210-1300 CE.

A silver hemidrachm of Darev II of Persis, c. 100-1 BCE.

A billon drachm of the Paramaras of Malwa, 1150-1300 CE.