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19th Century Qajar Painting Signed & Dated

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Frame Size: 114 x 72 CM
Actual Size: 107 x 65 CM

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100% Authentic & Original Qajar Painting Titled as Rameshgar / The Entertainer in the Top Middle of the Painting.

Ramesh is a Persian word that is a derived from Aramesh which means To Relax, Comfort or Calm.

Rameshgar is an old Persian term for the one who gives comfort and makes you relax by Music, Poetry, Show or any Entertainment.

The Painting is made to order for Haji Hashim Sheikh Ardabili and this is hand written by the artist on the middle right side of the painting where he also signed the painting with date.

In the lower left of the painting is what seems to be the name of the Artist, Atro Naqash / Atro the Painter. Probably the Painter was an Armenian- Iranian because of the name.