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Antique Islamic Persian Mozaffar alDin Shah Qajar Firman Decree Gold Illuminated

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Super Fine Quality and Highly Decorated & Important Persian Qajar Firman / Farman by Mozaffar alDin Shah Signed & Sealed by the King 1317 Hijir 1899 A.D.

This remarkable Decree has many features:

1. It has The Persian Golden Royal Emboss Seal Mostly used for Firman issued for Foreign people or countries or anything related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. It has the Kings Personal Seal & Signature.

3. At the back side of the decree the Persian Prime Minster Seal is there as an approval of him for this decree. In the decree it is mentioned that The King agreed for this position by the approval of the Prime Minister, referring to the stamp seal at the back.

4. This decree Issued for the position of deputy Foreign Minister of Persia given to Mirza Ali Akbar khan Who was the Grandson of the Famous Ghaem Magham, with the approval of the Sadr Al Azam the Prime Minister of Persia.

5. It is fully Gold Illuminated and highly decorative.

6. It is in excellent condition.

100% authenticity is guaranteed. From a personal collection of a Middle-eastern collector.

Size: 21.25 X 15 CM