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Antique Islamic Persian Qajar Firman Mozafar Al Din Shah Signed & Seal Document

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Antique Islamic Manuscript Firman / Farman, an Illuminated Decree by The Persian King Mozafar Al Din Shah Qajar to Mirza Ali Akbar Khan, a grandson of the Famous Ghaem Magham Farahani the Prime Minster of Persia.

This Firman is Dated Safar, 1300 Hijir which is 1882 AD. Mozafar Al Din Shah was a Crown Prince of Persia at this date and his Seal is Crown Prince Seal. The Seal is verified by expert and I kept the information about his seal in the last photo.

This Farman has two Seal and two signature by Mozafar Al Din Shah and his own handwriting on top. This Document has 2 Farmans / Decrees. One in the middle which is the main Farman with a seal and signature , the second is the one on the right with another seal and signature. On top you can also see Mozafar Al din Shah’s own handwriting which does not require a seal because it was his own handwriting.

In the past whatever was written by the royal calligrapher or any person other than the king had to be sealed as a proof that it was King’s order but their own handwriting didn’t need anything for the respect.

This document is important because it has the hand writing of Mozafar al din shah Qajar and also 2 Farman or order in one document. Both orders are sealed and signed by Mozafar al din shah.

The document was a decree issued for Mirza Ali Akbar Khan who was The head of Royal Library at the time and he became the Deputy Forigen Minister of Persia latter when Mozafar Al Din Shah became King.

There is another person’s name in the document who is Haji Mirza Hassan Khan who was Sarhang Ghoorkhane ( Military Colonel who was the Artillery Chief).

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