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Antique Islamic Persian Qajar Important Miniature Painting Abul Hasan Ghaffari

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Extremely Important and Rare Antique Qajar Dynasty Miniature Painting by Most Famous Master Abul Hasan Khan Ghaffari Signed & Dated 1273 Hijri 1857 AD.

This is a remarkable miniature painting by one of the most famous miniature painters of Qajar Dynasty who became the official royal painter of the King’s Court. His paintings are sold in most famous Auctions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s for 50,000 to 100,000 $ on average. Please google his name and Auction records.

This is a 100% Authentic Painting of Abul Hasan Ghafari, Signed & Dated by him and Verified by Museum Experts when I was purchasing it. 100% Authenticity and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Size: 34 X 20 CM

About The Artist:
Abu’l-Hasan Khan Ghaffari Kashani (1814–1866) also known as Sani ol Molk who was an One of the best painter, miniature and lacquer artist in his time.

His 1842 portrait of Mohammad Shah Qajar secured him a position at the court. He spent the years between 1846 and 1850 in Italy, studying the works of Italian masters. Upon his return to Persia, he was appointed naqqāšbāšī (chief painter) of the court and became involved with the newly established Dar ul-Funun, the first modern institution of higher learning in Iran. In 1861, he received the title Sani ol Molk, by which he is commonly known. He was the uncle of Mohammad Ghaffari (Kamal ol molk), a court painter during the reign of Nasser ad-Din Shah.