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Huge Antique Islamic Qajar Gold Illuminated Manuscript Quran Koran Signed Dated

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A very Large Antique Islamic Manuscript Koran in very good condition and with super fine calligraphy. This remarkable manuscript has very distinct and heavily gold illuminated opening page Surah Fatiha & Baqara as you can see in the photos. All Surah headings are in Blue Ink and It has commentary on the side of pages in red ink.

The Manuscript is Signed & Dated at the end. It was handwritten by Master Muhammad Ibn Mulla Yusef in 1290 Hijri in a special order for Khodaverdi Bek who was one the most famous religious figures in Qajar Dynasty during Nasir Al Din Shah era who received the Title of Majd Al Zakerin from Nasir al Din Shah Qajar for his famous prayers and religious ceremonies especially in Moharram.

This Koran belonged to Sheikh Aqa Bozorg Haji Khodaverdi Bek and his name is written by the Calligrapher at the end of the book as he mentions that he wrote this Koran as a special order for him. Sheikh Aqa Bozorg Khodaverdi bek was the father for Aqa Sheikh Morteza Zahed one of the most important and famous Mystics and Religious figures with lots of miracles and a very good name. His grandchild is also a very famous Ayatullah now.

This is a very large Koran excellent for reading and surely it was made for this purpose in religious ceremonies by Aqa Khodaverdi Bek. The calligraphy is breathtaking and excellent Naskh script.

The Koran has 2 dates, one by the calligrapher at the end as 1290 Hijri in black ink, and one by the Translator and Commentary Calligrapher in red ink 1291 Hijri next to Surah An-Nas.

The Koran is in original condition and all pages and binding are consistent with the date of the Koran.

Huge Size Antique Islamic Manuscript Koran / Quran for sale.

This extraordinary manuscript Koran is in very good original condition for its age.

The binding is super beautiful leather original binding with embossing flowers.

The quality of the papers are very good and calligraphy handwriting is top quality.

The book has very important Provenance from Christi’s Auction.

The book size is massive 22 x 35 x 7 CM

This is a great Quran for reading because of the size of the text and the top quality Naskh calligraphy.

It is very rare to have a complete Koran with these features and size.

The Gold illuminations of the first 2 pages are remarkable and has super fine details.