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Important Royal Decree by Naser al-Din Shah Qajar

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Extremely Important and Historically Very Significant Piece of Persian Qajar Dynasty Art & History.

It is also very collectible for all nations that celebrate Norouz / The New Year.

This amazing manuscript is a Royal Decree or Firman / Farman ordered By Nasir al Din Shah Qajar for making the arrangements for Norouz celebration in the famous Mirror Hall (Talar Ayeneh) in the Golestan Palace. The Mirror Hall is one of the most beautiful and visited historical places of Iran which is located in the Qajar Royal Complex in Tehran the capital city. Please google the Mirror Hall in Golestan Palace to know more.

This Royal Decree is ordered by Nasir al Din Shah Qajar and is signed and sealed by him in the top of the Decree. His Royal Seal and Signature is decorated with Gold Illuminations and Persian designs. It is dated in the lower part of the Decree at the end of the text.

This Decree has many significances:

It was written for a very important event, The Persian New Year, The Norouz.

The location of the event is the most important architecture site of Qajar Dynasty and the masterpiece of that era.

The decree is short and because of the importance, it was written in Nastaliq Script and in big size. The calligraphy is superb.

Usually, the Qajar Firmans were written in Shikasteh Persian Scripts and is very rare to have one in Nastaliq.