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Mamluk 22K Gold Ring 10th Century Islamic with Calligraphy – AL Suyuti

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Stunning Antique Islamic 22k Gold Ring with Arabic Script from Mamluk Era. Extremely Rare & Collectible piece of Mamluk Dynasty. This amazing piece has extremely fine and detailed Islamic calligraphy of one of the most famous Islamic Quotes شفاء القلوب لقاء المحبوب , meaning “ Meeting the Beloved, the Healing of Heart “.

This phrase was used throughout the Islamic History among Great Sufis, Mystics, Islamic and Christian Scholars in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Persia. You can find this phrase on the wall of many historical places in these countries.

The phrase is from Jalal al Din Al Suyuti (849-911) The Mujtahid Imam, known as the Renewer of the 10th Islamic Century, foremost a Hadith Master, Jurist, Sufi, Philologist and Historian and one of the most important writers of Islamic History who wrote more than 500 Books, some known to be among the masterpieces of Islamic History. Please google his name to no more about him.

The way the phrase is written divides the circle into two exact parts. One containing meeting the beloved and the other healing of the heart. Each part contains two words only and each part ends with Arabic letter B that is written as a horizontal line to divide the circle. The engraving is superb and the details are astonishing.