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Miniature Painting of Mughal Emperor, Nasir-ud-Din Humayun

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LOT 191
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Frame Size: 34.5 x 28 CM
Actual Size: 21 X 15 CM
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Extremely Fine Mughal Miniature Painting with Beautiful Colors and Excellent Details.

This is the portrait of Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Known as Humayun Shah the second Emperor of Mughal Empire. It is very difficult to determine whether this is an India Mughal Miniature or a Persian miniature of the Mughal Emperor, because of the style of the painting and its elements which is just a mixture of both great styles.

Humayun had an excellent relationship with the Safavid Iran and during his time there was a huge influence of Persian culture and art. On his visit to Iran, he fell in love with Persian Miniature Painting after meeting Kamaleddin Behzad the Persia’s Best Miniaturist and asked two of his pupils to join his court.

The quality of work is superb and identical to the great work of best Persian Miniaturists.

The name of the Nasir-udin Humayun is written on the upper side of the painting with date