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Persian Manuscript Qajar Koran with Paper Mache Lacquer Binding

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LOT 202
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Superb Persian Qajar Koran with great hand writing and heavily detailed gold illuminations.

This magnificent manuscript has very high quality hand made and hand painted Papier Mache Lacquer binding.

The special feature of this Koran is its beautiful commentaries (Khavas Ayat) on the side of pages, which is written in Top Quality Shikasteh Script along with Gold illuminations.

The Koran is written in Arabic Naskh Script with Black Ink combined with Persian Translation in Nastaliq Script with Red Ink bellow each line. The quality of calligraphy in both handwriting is the highest level of mastership.

Two pages of gold illuminated prayer for opening of the Koran and two pages of gold illuminated prayer for finishing.