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Rare Royal Decree by Sultan Ali Shah Qajar

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Frame Size: 88.4 x 40 CM
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Extremely Important and Historically Very Significant Piece of Persian Qajar Dynasty Art & History.

Most people do not know that after Fath Ali Shah Qajar, his 10th Son became his successor and the King for just 40 days. His name was Ali Mirza Zell-e Soltan or later known as Ali Shah or Ali Mirza Adel Shah Qajar. He was the full brother of Abbas Mirza Nayeb-ol Saltaneh the favorite Son of Fath Ali Shah and his crown prince.

Please google “Ali Mirza Adel Shah Qajar” for more information.

In most of the reference books, the successor of Fath Ali Shah Qajar (Reign 1797 – 1834) is his Grandson Mohammad Shah Qajar (Reign 1834 – 1848) who was the Son of the Crown Prince Abbas Mirza.

However, after the death of Fath Ali Shah, his son Ali Shah became the King for just 40 days until the arrival of Mohammad Shah Qajar to the Capital City of Tehran. In this 40 days he had no time for many changes and made very few Royal Decrees and this Farman is one of the few he had.

In this Royal Decree, he is assigning Miraz Ali Hassan Khan Mutamed Homayun to important Royal Position in the Diwan or his Court.

This Royal Decree is signed and sealed by the King in the top of the Decree. His Royal Seal and Signature are decorated with Gold Illuminations and Persian designs. It is dated in the lower part of the Decree at the end of the text. The entire Decree has Gold Illuminations and floral Persian motifs.

The seal and the date is verified, please refer to the last image for more information (From the book مهرهاي شاهان قاجاريهRoyal Qajar Seals by Reza Ferasati.

This Decree has many significances:

It is ordered by a very special character in the history of Qajar Persia, that most people and even references do not have any information about it. it is basically an important missing piece of the puzzle.

It is very rare to have any verified document signed and sealed by Ali Shah Qajar because of the short time of his ruling (only 40 days).

The Decree is fully Gold illuminated and is written in excellent top quality Calligraphy, and is in big size.

The subject of the Royal Decree is also an important person.